You Belong at Galloway

At Galloway Elementary we strive to offer our students during and after school experiences that cater to their passions and wonderings.  

Advanced Academics
This is built into our school day where students participate to create or build something individually or with groups. 

Amazing Shake
This is a district and state competition that places and emphasis on teaching students respect, discipline, etiquette, and overall professional conduct in order for them to present themselves exceptionally well for opportunities today and in their future. 

Baby Gator Book Club
This is offered to our community to parents of 3 and 4 year olds who do not attend school. Students and parents participate in read aloud, crafts and activities once a month. 

Battle of the Books
Third, fourth and fifth grade students are selected to read a set of books and become reading experts! They compete in our district competition to determine the winner. 

Destination Imagination
Extracurricular activity that taps into creative passions and teamwork in order to compete district and state wide.

Running Club 
Physical fitness and fun.

Yoga Club 
Helps students self regulate emotions.